# [About]

Founded in 2019 Werner Research has been trying to help solve difficult and human problems in order to improve life. After having great success in developing apps for students at La Salle Catholic College Prep. we have expanded our portfolio to consulting, and fabrication services.

# [Fabrication Services]

We love 3D printing! Much of our office equipment is 3D printed. We also love designing products and solutions for customers using 3D printing. This is why we offer 3D printing and designing services. We aim our prices to be very competitive.

If you would like to order or discuss some design contact us at: [email protected]

# [Software Development]

Software is what powers our modern world. Therefore we belive everyone should have the tools that they need to be successful. One of our technologies, 'X-Ray' allows us to deliver low(ish) latency to users. This X-Ray tech was used in our award winning app CloudPC which democratizes desktop software by delivering it to low power devices to bring greater equity. Furthermore we also belive in lowering costs of entry to the server-side for developers. Our rapid prototyping division: DeltaBeta Development (CHANGE THE BETA!) has created our own hosting platform in order to reduce costs of us and our clients. We also are looking into building 'edge' software using just in time execution to lower costs even further.

If you want to build a website or anything really reach out at: [email protected]

# [Contact]

You can reach the following ways:

eMail: [email protected]

Phone: (503) 358-8286 (If you can not reach us please leave a voicemail)

# [Privacy Policy]

We belive in creating technology that respects privacy and does not break it. Therefore we aim to have a zero user data stored that does not relate to the use of services.

Werner Research does not collect any data from its users. We do not use cookies, analytics, or any other tracking software. We do not collect any data from our users.

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